DATES 2017

10-12 February (9th Feb arrive)
24-26 March (23rd March arrive)
21-23 April (20th April Arrive) SOLD OUT
16-18 June (15th June arrive)
11-13 August (10th August arrive)
1-3 September (31st August arrive)
13-15 October (12th October arrive)
17-19 November (16th November arrive)

Courses are tailored to suit the needs of the participants, therefore each course will differ, but will typically include a selection of the following: 

  • Individual Lessons on your own horse.
  • Opportunity to watch others ride, and learn from their instruction.
  • Daily seminars.
  • Group discussions about various aspects of training.
  • Watch us ride your horse, with discussion.
  • Planning and feedback sessions.
  • Dressage theory discussions.
  • Watching Adam and Matt ride their own horses, discussing what they working on. They may demonstrate things that are relevant to your own horses.
  • Analytical video sessions.
  • Sessions with life coach.
  • Sport psychology sessions.
  • Test riding sessions with a BD judge.
  • Horse care and management sessions.
  • Goal setting meeting.
  • Lectures from our expert support team of vets, dentists, chiropractors, farriers.
    • These courses are jam-packed with learning opportunities. You will be under various forms of coaching for around 7 hours each day. The courses are great fun and very social in the evening.
      The courses include 3 meals per day.

      Course Tuition (lessons and lectures) £90.00 per day
      Stabling (if required) £32.00
      Rider facilities inc. complimentary meals £18.00
      TOTAL per DAY £140.00

      Additional services:
      Hook up £12.00 Room in the house £30.00